How To Deal With The Workman’s Compensation Laws

image4Workman’s compensation laws have been introduced in Western countries to give people suffering injuries the chance to be compensated, and the chance for them to build a new life following the accident. This compensation can be paid through insurance plans, or from the courts, or in certain cases from the Federal Government itself, giving any injured worker the best chance of being compensated. There are steps an employer needs to take to make sure they are covered against the risk of being forced out of business by having to pay injury compensation.

These developments have been relatively recent in the history of worker relations. When people first began working in factories in large numbers, the factory owners had virtually unlimited control over them. There were no provisions in place to provide for workers who were injured, and the risk was assumed entirely by the individual worker. When a career was ended through injury, the injured party could only rely on any meager collection which may be undertaken on their behalf, or the benevolence of the employer. Nothing was to change until labor bargaining power could be secured through the introduction of unions.

The most fundamental right a modern worker has is to sue through the courts for compensation, but this is not as easy a task as some make out. There are many law firms advertising guaranteed results or no fee is payable, and this only tells a partial truth. There are court fees which will be payable even if the lawyer is prepared to gamble on the result, and no cases are ever as clear cut as these lawyers would have you believe. It is possible to obtain compensation through legal means if you have a genuine case, but the courts do not automatically assume liability on behalf of the business every time someone is injured.

These workman’s compensation laws are not ideal from the point of view of either the business or the employees, which is why a better method is usually enacted. Employers are able to introduce a system of insurance, which will pay compensation directly to the employee, in exchange for a legally binding guarantee that no legal action will be taken. This arrangement keeps the lawyers out of the equation, it removes the risk from the injured party who would get nothing if they lost a case in court, and it gives the employer peace of mind that their business will not be ruined through no fault of their own.

If you are working in a company which employs a significant number of people, and does not have any insurance plan of this type in place, it will be a good idea to make the employer aware of the benefits of such a scheme. There are never any guarantees in the workplace, and too many honest and moral employers have been put out of business through unreasonable use of the legal system. It should be easy to sell this type of deal to the employer, who could have their business saved through such a provision.

As an employer, coping with the workman’s compensation laws is something which needs to be addressed before any serious incidents occur. Even though there are more safety regulations in place than ever before, and periodic inspections of business premises, there is no guarantee that something unexpected will not happen. Taking out insurance will greatly reduce the risk of you having to waste time and money fighting court cases, not to mention the possibility of being forced out of business. Insurance is the best way to cope with the workman’s compensation laws.

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